Welcome! Thanks for taking a moment to visit my site.Here you will find information about the professional health services that I offer as a licensed clinical psychologist, as well as my specialized training in addressing issues common among women.

Research indicates that women suffer from depression, anxiety, posttraumatic stress disorder, and eating disorders at disproportionate rates. This is not surprising when one considers that these are common reactions to intense stressors. Many women endure perhaps the most intense form of stress--interpersonal trauma ( e.g., rape, domestic violence, child abuse). An even larger proportion of women experience chronic high levels of stress as they attempt to balance their responsibilities as professionals and their roles as mothers, wives, and daughters.

I have been committed to improving the lives of women for the past 20 years. My training and experience as a clinical psychologist have focused on effectively addressing these issues that are all too common among women. I strongly believe in empowering women to overcome obstacles, trust their instincts, learn new coping skills, and achieve greater balance in their lives.

Areas of Specialization

Stress Management & Relaxation
Post Traumatic Stress
Anxiety & Panic Attacks
Low Self Esteem
Eating/Body Image Concerns
Gynecological Stressors
Grief & Loss
Life Transition

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